Blak Mar Farms is dedicated to producing
high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products
that are as unique as our customers.

Blak Mar Farms is dedicated to producing high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products that are as unique as our customers.

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Blak Mar Farms LLC is a minority owned and operated multi-state cannabis operation specializing in craft cannabis products for value and premium-based cannabis connoisseurs.

Founded in 2019 by Ruben Lindo, son of a prominent Black Panther and great-grandson of a woman born in captivity; Blak Mar Farms stands for all of the Black Market entrepreneurs who withstood the war on cannabis and the impact it had on their lives and their communities.

Ruben J Lindo, CEO Blak Mar Farms

Our Partners

Our Partners



Our Products

Blak Mar Farms products offer quality and experience all wrapped in one!

– Flower (jars, pre-rolls, blunts)
– Concentrates (carts, disposables, pods)
– Edibles (gummies, chocolates, drinks)

Sister Brands

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The Blak Mar Process

At Blak Mar, it all starts with the genetics. Having access to our own proprietary strains PLUS, landrace genetics from the 80’s and 90’s, gives us the best ingredients to make our craft products.

From there we oversee the cultivation and manufacturing to ensure the products follow our best practices and standards.

Finally, they get put in our beautiful packaging and state of the art hardware and into retail stores for all to enjoy.





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We are a team of experienced and passionate cannabis enthusiasts who are committed to producing the best cannabis products possible.

Follow our journey through these popular media outlets. From working on Cannabis Documentaires with National Geographic for Hulu, to speaking at the MJ Biz Conference, to full articles in Honey Suckle and Chronogram.

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From Athlete to Entrepreneur

Ruben Lindo is the CEO of Phoenix Nutraceutical, Inc. and BlakMar Farms, LLC. A former professional athlete and veteran entrepreneur, Lindo has been involved in launching several successful startup businesses in the tech industry and is a key player in the hemp and legal cannabis space. Most importantly, Lindo is strong proponent for social equity and creating opportunities for success for those adversely effected by systemic racism.

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